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4 wheel chassis4 Roller Dynamometer


TS TestingService offers 4 Roller Dynamometer for vehicle testing for passenger car
and/or trucks. Our test rigs comply with all standards like SAE. We offer 4 roller
dynamometer for 4 wheels driven cars for performance, noise, vibration, harshness, NVH,
emission and fuel consumption measurement.


Functional principle: 4 Roller Dynamometer for passenger car, light truck or truck

Complete Vehicle testing according to international standards i.e. performance, noise, harshness, emission and fuel consumption measurement. Customized testing to the automotive manufacturers internal test standards


Test specimen:

passenger car, light truck, truck and busses


Technical data:

Testing positions:   4 roller


Drum   diameter : 0.8m, 1.707m, 2 m, 3m


Torque measurement device: torque cell


Roller Loading: 1, 2, 2.5, 6,3 tons


Loading principle: Hydraulic, electrical


Drives: AC Motor


Speed: 120, 200, 350 km/h