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an mich erinnern


setbeltSeat Belt Test Equipment


TS TestingService offers Seat Belt Test Equipment for passenger car light trucks and/or trucks.
Our test rigs comply with all standards like ECE and other.


Functional principle:

Seat Belt Test Equipment for passenger car, light truck or truck homologation testing



Complete testing equipment according to international standards i.e. ECE R 16. The test require the following test   benches:


1. Corrosion test chamber

2. Micro-slip test bench

3. Straps   and breaking-strength test bench

a. Temperature-conditioning   and hydrometrics chamber

b. Light-conditioning chamber

c. Cold-conditioning chamber

d. Heat-conditioning chamber

e. Exposure to water bath

f.  Abrasion conditioning test bench

4. Durability of retractor mechanism test bench

5. Locking of emergency locking retractors test bench

6. Dust resistance test bench

7. Sled test   bench


Test specimen:

Seat Belt of passenger car, light truck, truck and busses


Technical data:

Different Technical specification for the various test rigs

Test standards:   ECE R 16