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Rolling Resistance Test Equipment


TS TestingService offers Rolling Resistance Tester with vertical drum. TS sold
more than 20 RR test  machines in the last 5 years and is therefore one of the
leading supplier for rolling resistance test equipment in the world.
With an accuracy level up to 0,1 N and or 0,15 Nm  we are leading in the
accuracy. Our test machines comply with all standards like ISO, R117, SAE.


KI TS rolling resistance torque method PCR

Functional principle: Rolling Resistance Tester for MC, PC, Truck and OTR

Legal testing according to the test procedures of the different countries. Customized rolling resistance test to the companies test standards.


Test specimen:

Motorcycle, passenger car, light truck, truck and   bus tires


Technical data:

Testing positions:   1 or 2 positions


Drum diameter:   1,707m / 2 m


Test methods: Torque and/or force method


Drum motor: AC Motor


Tire Loading: 1, 2, 5, 6.3, 10 tons


Loading principle: hydraulic, electrical


Speed: 120, 150, 250, 350 km/h


Test standards:  

- ISO 28580, ISO 16377, ISO 9948, ISO 18164


- R 117, GB/T 29042-2012


- SAE J2452, SAE J1269, SAEJ1270



New Tire Testing Requirements TIRE LABEL:

Due to new government legislation a new labeling regulations was issued by the
EU / US and Japan. This regulation has finally become a world standard.
In order to advise customers how to build energy efficient, low-noise and safe tires
wet grip, snow performance testing (ASTM F1805-06), the tires have to be tested
intensively. TS TestingService offers required tests and
test equipment’s in order to classify your tires into the referring classes.


Please find under the following link the newest update of the ECE R117 standard!



Europe Tire Label:  UN ECE R117 / ISO 28580: 


JIS D4234: 2009 (ISO28580), Passenger car, truck and bus tires


JATMA regulation will been force 1. Dec 2011

The Alignment Rolling Resistance Reference Tires (“ARRRT”) for the ISO 28580
are available under the following link:


US Tire Label: