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Aircraft UTTM staticAircraft UTTM static1Universal Aircraft Tire Test Machine UATTM / Aircraft Stiffness Test Machine


The UATTM is the most accurate static Stiffness Test machine in the world. The high accurate
measurement table, allow to measure all 3 Forces direct in the contact patch of tire.
The tire is loaded on a movable measurement table which can be move in X (fore-aft)- and
Y (lateral)- Direction. The UATTM can measure the radial, lateral, longitudinal stiffness.
The name UNIVERSAL is chosen because the machine can be equipped with various
additional equipment.


Functional principle:

Stiffness Tester for Aircraft tires


Legal testing according to the test procedures of   the different countries. Customized stiffness testing according to the   companies test standards for:


- Tire radial, lateral and longitudinal stiffness

- Pressure Map

- Footprint Characteristic

- Loaded contour  


Test specimen:

Aircraft tires


Technical data:

Testing positions:   1 position


Table: Measurement platform


Tire Loading: 2, 10, 25, 80, 120 tons


Loading principle: Hydraulic, electrical


Speed: 50mm/min


Test standards: