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TS deflashing machinect 100Deflashing Equipment CT400


TS TestingService offers the Cryogenic Deflashing CT900 Equipment for deflashing
of all kind of rubber products. Cryogenic deflashing is a deflashing process that uses
cryogenic temperatures to aid in the removal of flash or cast or molded rubber product.
The low temperatures cause that the flashes become stiff and/or brittle and are easy to
break away cleanly.
Cryogenic deflashing is the preferred process for removing excess material from all
kind of rubber products.



Functional principle:    Rubber parts are loaded into a parts basket. Liquid nitrogen is used

                                       to cool the workpieces; once cooled they are tumbled and blasted with

                                       polycarbonate, ranging size from 0.5 to 3.0 mm. A high speed impeller

                                       directs and throws the polycarbonate into the rotating basket and by travelling

                                       at high speed, the pellets cleanly trim off the flashes and leaving a high quality, flash

                                       less rubber product.


Application:                  - Deflashing of all kind of rubber form article:

                                       - O-Rings, Bellows, Sealings, Metall-rubber products etc.

                                       - Materials: EPDM, SBR, NBR, FKM, FFKM, Silikone etc.

                                       - Products of Polyurethane

                                       - Zink pressure casting products


Technical data:             - Standard manual front door, optional automatic door

                                       - Different drum diameter and machine sizes

                                       - From drum diameter 400mm offgas dust cleaning inside for the machine

                                       - Polycarbonate blast transport inside of the machine by means of a screw

                                         conveyors, optional in combination with a sleeve

                                       - Complete machine out of stainless steel, aluminium and high-performance plastics

                                       - Consumable parts of the blast unit out are made from high-strength stainless steel

                                       - All motors by gear motors from German SEW and Bauer Danfoss

                                       - Drum rave from 3 to 28 min-1

                                       - Raves of the high speed impeller 3000 min-1 bis 9000 min-1