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LDTD shredderShredder LDTD


TS TestingService offers the Shredder LDTD series for recycling of various waste.
The two shaft shredder out of our light duty – Series is usually the first size reduction
step in a recycling process. The Shedder LD is a slow running, high torque crusher.
The two shafts, equipped with cutters of variable size, are running in reverse directions.
This enables the cutters, to cut any material (as far as it suitable for cutting!) into stripes.
The width of these stripes is depending on the thickness of the cutters. The hooks applied
on the cutters gather the product and pull it between the cutters, where it is cut into pieces.
The spaces between the cutters are permanently cleaned by fix-mounted wipers.


Functional principle: Shredder equipment for various waste


Application:                Recycling of the following waste:

                                     - Car and truck tires

                                     - Plastics

                                     - Steel drums

                                     - Wood/pallets

                                     - Fibbers/textiles/foam

                                     - Paper/cardboard

                                     - Organic waste

                                     - Metals (Cable, chips …, but no solid metal)

                                     - Electronic scrap



Technical data:           - Standard manual front door, optional automatic door

                                     - Different drum diameter and machine sizes

                                     - From drum diameter 900mm offgas dust cleaning inside for the machine

                                     - Polycarbonate blast transport inside of the machine by means of a screw conveyors,

                                       optional in combination with a sieve

                                     - Complete machine out of stainless steel, aluminium and high-performance plastics

                                     - Consumable parts of the blast unit out are made from high-strength stainless steel

                                     - All motors by gear motors from German SEW and Bauer Danfoss

                                     - Drum rave from 3 to 28 min-1